2016 This Fall with Pierre Arsenault, Bergy and Craig Johnson



Pierre Arsenault: –Bullpen coach with the Expos and the Marlins from 1987-2010.
Professional Scout for the Florida Marlins since 2011.  Won the world series with the Marlins as bullpen coordinater.

Bergy: Owner of Bergy Baseball
Has played with 3 American University from 2002-2007


Thursdays from October 13th – Dec. 15th   
Centre Sportif de l’Ile Bizard from 6:00 to 7:30
750, boul. Jacques Bizard, L’Île Bizard.
10 weeks cost $250

A more advanced clinic: focusing primarily on the fundamental skill development within a progressively challenging sport experience.
1- Hitting fundamentals for older players.
2- Throwing program: developing arm strength and mechanics.
3- Defense – ground ball work with proper footwork.
4- Base running fundamentals.
5- Game situation drills.




Graig Johnson: Assistant coach John Abbott
Midget AA coach in Sherbrook
Assistant to Bergy since 2013 




Tuesday Oct. 11th-Dec. 13th
Centre Sportif,  Ile Bizard from 6:00 to 7:30
750, boul. Jacques Bizard, L’Île Bizard
10 weeks cost $150

This program is tailored for all players in their early stages of individual skill de-velopment. A diverse series of fun drills are used to improve agility and ability.

1- Throwing mechanics
2- Fielding – ground ball/Fly ball techniques through games and competition
3- Hitting fundamentals
4- Base running fundamentals
5- Learning baseball through games


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